Love The One You’re With

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I would say my Valentine’s Day this year was pretty amazing. No, I didn’t receive flowers, a box of chocolates, a stuffed bear, an expensive dinner at a fancy restaurant, or jewelry of any kind. But you know what, that is fine with me. I got to spend a wonderful evening with the man I love.

At work earlier that day we had an employee potluck. Because February is hearth healthy month, that became the theme of the potluck. Employees were encouraged to bring dishes that were “heart healthy” (some ended up being healthier than others). I helped plan this event and also made some of the decorations to put in the break room. Overall, the potluck was a success! Several employees participated, resulting in many dishes. I made homemade cupcakes with homemade frosting. Not the healthiest thing I could have brought, but when my first dish turned out horrible in taste and texture, I was glad I also chose to make cupcakes for the event.

When I got off work I went over to Drew’s and he made us a very delicious dinner. We had his special crouton-crusted chicken with pasta, salad, veggies, and crescents. Yes, it was a feast! (And no, I did not count Weight Watchers Points that day…nor a few days prior…I am going to have a bad weigh-in on Sunday.) We also watched the film What’s Your Number?. It wasn’t as good as the book (which I read earlier this year), but it was still pretty cute. Plus, I enjoy Chris Evans as an actor (yeah, Captain America!).

Drew did get me a present for Valentine’s Day. On Saturday we visited a local furniture warehouse (one of their many locations) to look at furniture for the new place we will be getting soon (eeee!). Well, they have artwork hanging around in the showrooms/displays that can actually be purchased there at the store. I saw a beautiful picture/painting replica with flowers and I mentioned how lovely it was. He purchased that picture for me (well, he said for us because it will be going into our place) and surprised me Monday night. I cannot wait until we start looking for our new home.


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