Sick In Bed

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How does one spend their day off from work due to a federal holiday? If you’re me, you spent the day in bed with horrible abdominal pains. All I could do yesterday was lay in bed, watch movies, and sleep (thanks to pain medication). It hurt to sit up, it hurt stand, it hurt to roll over from side to side. I could hardly eat. I cried several times from the pain (I’m a wuss when it comes to any sort of upset stomach or abdominal pain). I’ve had abdominal pains on many occasions, but not even my prescribed medication for this such issue helped me yesterday.

This morning I woke up and tried to get ready for work. When I took a shower the pain came back in the same area. I tried laying down for a bit afterward to see if it would go away, but of course, the pain stuck around. I decided to do something that I hardly ever do…I called-in sick to work. I try to only do such a thing when I am 1) in a lot of pain and/or 2) very, very nauseous. I don’t let other sicknesses, like a cold, keep me from work. I know sick time is supposed to be used when you are sick, but I always feel bad for having to call-in. However, as I have been told recently, we need to take care of ourselves first so we can be healthy and strong enough to take care of others.

So I’m spending today in bed, again. I am feeling slightly better than I was this morning, but definitely not my usual 100%. I just want to rest up and try to beat this sickness so I can return to work tomorrow.


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